I first met Stuart through the introduction of his golf statistics program at a New Zealand golf camp in early 2012. Stuart is the co-founder of online golf stats program called Shots to hole. He has spent an incredible amount of time developing this system to meet the demands of touring pro’s around the world.

The detail in which you can record and then analyse each round is remarkable. I have been using this program since day 1 and have recorded over 150 tournament rounds into my data base. This provides me with quick and precise stats on every single shot I have played in the last 2 years. The system has too many benefits to list, however one thing I have found very useful is using the data to set goals aligned with areas that need to improve. You can set theses goals with a coach and watch your progress as you enter each round.

Soon after I was introduced to Shots to hole, I took an Aimpoint green reading class hosted by Stuart and Jamie Donaldson. I had heard a few things about Aimpoint and was keen to learn the fundamentals of the green reading system. I was immediately impressed with the way in which the break could be calculated, regardless of the length, speed or difficulty of the putt. They had come up with a formula that equalled break. The basics were to find the slope, angle and distance of the putt. These numbers were then checked on the Aimpoint chart and it provided a point in which to aim your putt either left or right of the hole.

The latest version of Aimpoint green reading is called Aimpoint Express. This system was developed for kids to simplify the process so that they could understand the green reading strategy much easier. As it turns out, a number of players have adopted this method including world number 1, Adam Scott.

I have been using the Aimpoint Express method for 3 months now and found it to be very helpful and a lot quicker to determine the break when playing tournament golf.

For any more info on either Shots to Hole or Aimpoint follow the links below to find out more.

shotstohole_logo                 cropped-makeeverythinglogo


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