Ramsey at his best
Ramsey at his best

Ramsey was a legend. To those of you who were lucky enough to meet, watch or work with Ramsey you will know exactly what im talking about. Ramsey was a pioneer in Golf based Physiotherapy, a family man and an entertainer.

I was fortunate enough to work with Ramsey for a couple of years before he sadly passed away in December 2011. He was an eccentric man who loved his golf, his Physiotherapy work, the people he worked with and his family. Ramsey’s legacy still lives on today with his pioneering Physiotherapy methods used across the globe. If you ever hear the term ‘There all doing it’ in a Scottish accent, that is Ramsey’s Legacy still living on.

Ramsey’s approach and energy to life was remarkable. He could entertain an entire room for hours with his stories and laughter.

A few photos from some of the work and laughs were shared.

RIP Legend

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